Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dawning...Best Horror Film Poster of 2010? Yes.

I definitely want to see this.

Official Movie Site

LOVE the poster.

UPDATE: Looks like there will be a screening of the film Feb. 20th and 21st at the 2010 Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC. If you're anywhere near there, I'd suggest you check it out. (Thanks for the info Gregg!)


burningsmile said...

That poster is remarkable. I don't need to see the trailer to know I want to see this movie.

Clinton Lugert said...

I'm glad you liked the poster so much! The movie is great.

You can see the rest of the character-based DAWNING posters here: http://www.they-design.com/portfolio/forfilm/

We'll be silk screen printing them by hand soon, I'll be sure to let you know when they're done!

Let me know which one is your favorite, because we're going to be printing the most popular first.

Thanks! Clint of THEY-design

merricat said...

I am thoroughly intrigued. Absolutely must see.

wholecrue said...

Look for Dawning screening Feb. 20th and 21st at the 2010 Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, NC. I'll keep you posted on distribution as well. Thanks for the support! Take care, Gregg Holtgrewe

bean said...

Gregg - I see a trip to NC in my near future. Your movie looks intriguing and intelligent - my kinda horror. Very, very excited.

bean said...

I'm torn--- I love love the one featured on my blog, but I also super dig the one with just the lone figure in the woods, "Fear only needs half a chance." That tagline is KILLER.

Rot said...

I hope there's a showing in Philadelphia. Looking VERY forward to this.

My favorite poster is the one you featured followed closely by the one with the cabin.

Will Errickson said...

Nothing is scarier to me than the woods at night. Can't wait!

´´Saray´´ said...

The poster is gorgeous!! I love horror movies (except Saw & Hostel which I will never watch) so great to have stumbled upon a blog which deals with the subject :)
Greetings from Spain.

Clinton Lugert said...

Thanks for the kind words! They are one of our favorite works we've created. We took the color from the average color of the pine wood interior of the cabin, which is where the cast spends most of their time. We like to think that the simple treatment of the woods within their face illustrates that the thing they fear the most is the unknown within themselves.

The limited first run of hand silk screen printed posters are up for sale at http://www.THEY-design.com & will be up on the forthcoming Dawning site soon!