Thursday, June 25, 2009


Spent the last few days visiting friends in my hometown of Memphis, Tn. While there I hung out with my good friend Bryan who owns Black Lodge Video - the coolest, most awesome video store that ever was. If you want it chances are they got it. Their VHS collection is strong, and they don't shy away from adding to it. They've everything from the latest titles to the incredibly obscure thought-you'd-never-find films. This is where I learned horror. This is where all the movies came from. (And because I know the owner, all the rentals were free.) Thanks, Bryan, for my education.



jay's shadow said...

wow! i think the last time i saw that many vhs movies at one time was back in the 1980's

Hayden Jackson said...

I've followed your blog for some time now and never knew you were from Memphis. So am I. And I agree. the Black Lodge is one heck of a video store!

Jon said...